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Give a child a fish and he has a meal; teach him to fish and he will be
able to care for himself until the natural resources run out .......

Teach him to breed fish in a sustainable manner and he will
be able to care for his community .............
Our Operational Environment
Nearly sixty percent of the total population older than 20 years of age received no secondary schooling.

At least 47.67 % of the total labour force is unemployed or not economically active.

In certain areas the unemployment figure increased with 203.85 % during the last 5 years.

Being an arid region, even conventional subsistence farming is barely sustainable.

55.09 % of all households endure on child grants and old age pension.

Economic and service infrastructure are extremely limited (At Matloding, if available, a chicken costs R 50-00
and a cabbage R10-00 !)

Given these facts, the plight of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC’s) speaks for itself.
Our Vision

The OVC's in our region are equipped with the

knowledge, skills, experience

value system and MINDSET

to survive and grow into an adult

that will contribute constructively to his/her own well being;

the family unit; the peer group & the community.
Main modes of transport
The endless road ahead
Our first double camp
Their Need
The almost 5000 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC’s) from the deep rural areas of the North
West and Northern Cape provinces of SA presently on our database. To prevent further prejudice
and stigmatization, they are refer to as
the Kids.
Our Target Group
The average person compares himself with others, but we should always compare
ourselves with the person we have been called to be.
To become the person they’ve been called to be, they need, more than anything else:

People to live with and somewhere to belong;

Life Skills and a Value System;

Some one to Walk with the severely traumatized on their long journey towards healing;

Leadership and Problem Solving skills and experience;

An opportunity to reconnect to nature as well as   

A Dream to realize
These processes of behavioural change through multi-dimensional personal growth over time are facilitated within the
following framework:

Development of Human and Social Capital:

Spiritual, psychological and emotional growth programmes 4 the Kids:

At the Mukhajadi Youth Centre:

  •  Life Skills Camps:  Equipping the children with the knowledge, skills, experience, value system and mindset
    necessary to live their lives to the full.
  •  My Dream Camp: The purpose of my life, I have identified my dream, I am planning, working, living, striving and
    making choices towards reaching my dream.
  •  Leadership Camps: Equipping the children with the knowledge, skills, experience, value system and mindset
    necessary to grow into effective leaders within their communities.
  •  Walking with Wounded Children Camps & Follow up: This programme enable them to start the long journey to
    emotional healing through the relief of negative emotions, bitterness, guilt, fears etc.

Adding Environmental Capital to the Human and Social Capital:

Although all the aforementioned camps include conservation subjects and activities, a specialized programme has been
developed as well. These programmes, which focus on the kids with a definite interest in nature conservation, are
presented in the Groot Marico Protected Environment or Molopo Nature Reserve near Vostershoop in the Kalahari and
covers interactive subjects like
  •   Apply basic safety principles in the context of conservation
  •   Develop personal conservation ethics
  •   Identify community issues in relation to conservation
  •   Understand the nature and importance of conservation
  •   Demonstrate an understanding of how scientific skills & knowledge contribute to sustainable use of resources
  •   Identify and monitor local fauna and flora.

In the Villages:

  •  Youth Clubs: This acts as preparation and follow up for the camps.
  •  Education and Training: This include, over and above the normal schooling the following as well:
  •   Survive Your Studies course.
  •   Early Learning Centres (ELC’s) for the pre-schoolers.

Physical Support 4 the Kids:

  •   Food and Nutritional Support.
  •   Shelter and Care.
  •   Protection.
  •   Health Care.
  •   5B2F Programme.

Equipping our Team and other Care Givers:

  •   Spiritual Foundation.
  •   Child Ministry: F1, F2, Mentor.
  •   Walking with Wounded Children counsellor, Tutor.
  •   Early Childhood Development (ECD) Facilitator.
  •   Project Management.
Being a Christian Faith Based network, we find our calling, our inspiration and
our encouragement in the Living Word of God.
Development of Economic Capital for
the poorest of the poor
Rev. Chauke at Koffiekraal ELC
...not easy being a Superstar...
Rra David's bus
Growing Hope
Never mind the blankets on the roof
Portuguese speaking group lifting the roof with their singing.
All became friends